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About Me


Micaela (age 17) has been into cosplay since 2008, and into furries and fursuiting since 2009. She looooves to make characters come into the real world. she loves being her faveorite characters. In her pass time she mostly dances or creates new characters or costumes that she will plan for the future. she is most widely known in the furry community as the rainbow head fennec fox character she created Kiki Kitsune Jackson aka Kandi Fawx. It is her passion to make dreams come true. thats why her favorite whote is "If you can dream it. Do it."-Walt Disney she also lives by this quote too by Michael Jackson that says "I keep dancing and dancing and dancing until there is just The Dance."


1)How did you get into cosplay?

i was really into anime in middle school and i was looking at anime music videos then i came accross this video of a bunch of people fdressed up as my fave anime characters and i was like ...omg this is amazing i wanna do this so i bought some costumes in middle school cuz i had no idea how to sew and now i just started sewing my own costumes and making everything myself.

2)when did you create Kandi?

hmmm....a long time ago like in 2009 or something. her original name was Akita but i didnt like that so i changed it to Kiki cuz it fits her personality better.

3) Fave thing to drink?


4) Fave type of music?

dubstep and michael jackson

5) fave animal?


6) are you planning on going to any conventions?

yes i would looove to go to some conventions mainly furry conventions so i can enter the fursuit dance competition. i wld like to go to some anime conventions too like AWA (anime weekend atlanta)

7) who is your fave cosplay?

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

8) What got you into fursuiting?

i was watching ino89777's cosplay videos and i saw her kyuubi cosplay and her other fursuits shes done and then i discovered the furry fandom and yeah.